Advancements in technology and internet access are changing where, when and how we work. Organisations are faced with global cultural changes and employees can connect anywhere, with anyone at anytime. Online social interaction is part of our everyday lives. These crucial climate changes affect how we expect to learn, it transforms the employee training program into an employee interactive experience. Some organisations have already embraced this change.



Front of house

Success in the hospitality industry is achieved by delivering a premium product in a customer centric model. A hotel chain had a newly opened hotel and were struggling to communicate the business ethos to their employees and more importantly what was essential in meeting customer expectations. 


Working with their Sales and HR department, we developed an interactive staff awareness module that aligned new hires to the hotels objectives by ensuring they had more insight into customer success. 



Lone Worker

Our client organised an annual charity project which required employees to travel to a developing country. The team had little to no awareness of the environmental challenges they faced. The initial team arriving on site consisted of 4 people that would be working alone prior to the main party arriving.


The client had a concern regarding Duty of Care obligations and as such, we developed a program that educated the team on some simple steps and mechanisms to ensure their safety and well being. 



Cultural Awareness Training

We worked closely with a client's Human Resource department to develop a cultural awareness programme for members of their international team that travelled to Ireland on business. With limited knowledge of the important cultural nuances they struggled to deliver reliable, accurate recommendations to these high performers.


Illuminate delivered relevant, stimulating animations capturing the users imagination, bringing the experience to life. Illuminate produced user analytics providing transparency for management on their return on investment and success of the implementation.



Cyber Awareness

A telecoms client wanted to ensure that the growing threats from cyber crime were mitigated as a pre-emptive measure in their business. 


Our team in Resilient Defence worked closely with the internal IT department to create a lean, cost effective cyber awareness strategy. This resulted in a Cyber Awareness Solution being implemented company wide via Illuminate. User analytics enabled team leaders track engagement while internally employees were reducing organisational vulnerabilities through their advanced awareness of suspicious activity.

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