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Jack O’Connor

"After seeing the quality of Illuminate’s portfolio and the highly competitive pricing, we were happy to move forward and have the videos made for the CMIT site. Kirsten and the Illuminate team were extremely helpful and flexible in doing whatever was required to fulfil our every need. The videos turned out great and we are delighted with them. We would be happy to work with Illuminate on future projects and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get promotional or instructional videos made. Special thanks to Kirsten for her excellent communication throughout the project!"

Jack O’Connor - CMIT
Louise O’Conor

"Kirsten, I absolutely LOVE the videos!! Honestly, they're above and beyond any of our expectations and we're just so thrilled to now be able to share who we are and what we do!! Can you please thank Siobhan, Gemma and EVERYONE on your team who put so much attention, time and care into these videos.. I really do mean it was such a pleasure working with you all.. sad it's over, but as I said before, I've no doubt we will be working together again in the future!"

Louise O’Conor - Abodoo
Louise O’Conor
Andrew Rynhart

"The online video training fit well within our organization, allowing individuals to complete the course at a time that suited them. Our onsite trainer was very well suited to the role and engaged everyone in the practical demonstration. The training helped us identify some additional needs within our organization and become more familiar with the processes that need to be in place should a fire break out. Highly Recommended."

Andrew Rynhart - Tramex Ltd.
Barbara O’Connell

"The dedicated team were professional in their approach to challenges we faced and paid attention to our specific needs and tailor made the response. Their team treated our concerns with the utmost professionalism and delivered a customised solution that was the best fit for our business needs. We would highly recommend their service."

Barbara O’Connell - Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Barbara O’Connell
Gemma Davis

"We rolled out Illuminate among our staff due to our concerns around IT and Cyber crime. The team in Illuminate were fantastic to deal with and delivered a 100% customer focused service. We found engagement amongst our staff to be tremendous as the content was animated and this brought a level of fun to the program."

Gemma Davis - Accounting 4 U
Laura Pincus Hartman

"In all of our work at The School of Choice, the safety and security of our students and staff is our highest priority. We have chosen to partner with Reconnaissance because of their consistent and reliable service, their professional leadership, and their prompt response to our needs. They help us to maintain a positive atmosphere on our campus, and we are tremendously grateful!"

Laura Pincus Hartman - The School of Choice / l'Ecole de Choix (Haiti)
Laura Pincus Hartman

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